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General discussion of BROKEN FLOWERS


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Josh Noble

I would be interested in seeing all these films. The Grandmaster looks very stylistic and expressionistic. And I can see a lot of Malick's trademark style in To The Wonder. And I'll have to keep an eye out for more info on Jarmusch's vampire flick.

Lily Miller

The clips shown of the movie in the video on Jarmusch's film looks like it is not going to be a vampire movie that follows the norm but could be more typical of Jarmusuch's style.
From Malick's film trailer it looks like the film is going to be similar to his other films with a lot of time devoted to scenery shots and a philosophical underscoring the main story.

Melissa Werner

I think all three of these look really interesting. My favorite moment in the Malick trailer is the parallel that's created when the two characters are both walking through the different doors. My favorite moment in the Wong Kar-wai trailer is the close up of the bolt coming out of the wall, maybe because it's one of his shots where we're looking away from the characters, but it still is really dynamic. I'm looking forward to the trailer for Jarmusch's film, since it looks like it's going to be good.

Amy Elder

I as well am interested in all three movies. I think that Malick's looks the best to me. The trailer had many shots of nature in it so I would be excited to see how he showcases nature in that movie.
The Wong Kar Wai movie looks interesting becuase I know that he likes to use special effects in his movies. I would be really interested to see what he does with today's technology and special effects. We only got to see what he could do with the technology from the 90's and movies have come a long way since then.
I would like to know more about Jarmusch's film, but it looked interesting. I would like to compare how he portrays vampires compared to the other recent portrayals of vampires in movies.
I think the m-e-s in all of these movies is sure to be entertaining and maybe easier to pick out because of the sharper images we see in movies today compared to the older movies we watched in class.

Jose Arredondo

I would definitely watch Wong's new film since it looks like this one will have actual fighting scenes, I also like the fact that it has familiar actors (Tony Leung Chiu Wai). Malick's new film is somewhat okay looking but is ruined by Ben Affleck in my opinion. As far as Jarmusch's film goes I want to know more about it since the story sounds cool and trailer was somewhat vague.

Lisa King

I think it would be interesting to see all three of these films and see how similar/different they are to the ones we watched in class. I especially would be interested in seeing Wong's film and see if this action film makes as much sense as Ashes of Time, story wise.

Lauren Hiland

The first film by Terrence Malick looks really good. I'm not typically into love stories, but this looks like it might actually have some meaning behind it. I would like to compare this story to the three films we watched in class, and see what similarities and differences there are. The film by Wong-kar-wai looks like it's going to be action packed and fast paced. I think I would like to see this movie and I hope it's easier to understand than the Wong-kar-wai movies we watched in class. And as for Jim Jarsmusch's new movie, I'm sorry a love story with vampires, nope I just can't do it, I will definatly not go see that movie.

Lucas Ashland

I'm really looking forward to watching the new Malick film. It looks like it got bad reviews though...


While the Malick and Jarmusch films look like they'll fall short for my interests, Wong's film looks amazing. It really looks like technology may have finally caught up to his style, which we saw in Ashes of Time. I would've liked to seen a trailer with English subs, and will look for one later, but until then I'm actually going to be looking forward to this coming out on DVD/Blu-ray in America .

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